Falling for the First Time

Just keeping it real, sharing the poly thoughts wherever they come from…

The Sappy Cynic

Our past is bruised and some parts even broken. We’ve had some really ugly moments, honestly. But somewhere in the middle of mojitos and sangria I fell hard for her. Really hard. And she was the first girl I ever fell hard in love with. Oh, I had other girls I loved before her. There were a couple in college that, had I been more self-aware of my sexual identity back then, coulda been my first. But I didn’t allow myself then. Never even crossed my mind as an option. But that’s another post.

I can tell you when I first tripped. We went out for drinks, my girlfriend (with whom I’d grown in love), me, and her. With my girlfriend sprawled across the bench in the bar, her head in my lap, I suddenly saw our friend with completely different eyes. And it terrified me. I fell hard for…

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