Why are We Poly?

We are poly, not because we want to sleep around with every one, but because we want to make emotional connections.

Being married to a bisexual woman, I am comfortable with the idea that there are needs she has, that I can’t meet for her.  Some men would be threatened by this situation. Her first husband certainly was. Her sexual needs were closeted then, both figuratively and literally. But, that’s a story for her to tell, when the time is right.

While we were dating, she let me know she was seeing a couple, and experimenting with her bisexuality.  I told her that I wanted her to continue, because I wanted her to be happy, and have all her needs met. I believe that every person deserves to enjoy their sexuality.

When we found our third (who offered herself as a wedding present) we found  a friend, a lover, a member of our family. It’s not just the sex, its more about companionship. Seeing the girls cuddled up on the couch together, while we all hang out, watching TV, just makes me smile.


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