Clueing in poly newbies about solo poly people

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I regularly attend the weekly meetups of my local poly community. Here, the first meetup of the month is always “newbie night” — where priority in the discussion is given to questions and topics raised by people new to or curious about polyamory.

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“I view polyamorists the same way I view skydivers — with a certain level of awe because they have achieved something I wouldn’t dare to even imagine for myself.”

— Kevyn Abernathy



Poly Folks and Poly Advocates

Cross posting from a poly mailing list I am on.

Poly folks and poly advocates, we need your help! Attached is a link to a newly launched online study! The work is part of a larger effort to further expand knowledge of relational attitudes, beliefs, and relational processes/practices of individuals who engage in consensual, nonexclusive intimate relationships, or who are philosophically open to doing so, regardless of their current relationship configuration. We undertake this effort in order to better understand the community, its beliefs, practices, and desires, as well as its position within the larger mosaic of humanity. We gratefully ask for your participation and request that you forward the survey to any and all poly people you know, post to forums, web pages, and list-serves, etc. We are aiming for thousands of participants who identify as poly so please help us spread the word! Much thanks! The link to the poly study: