Have Some Pie and Ice Cream

Apple Pie a la Mode at Miller's Pub

Apple Pie a la Mode (Photo credit: Kim Scarborough)

One of the first stumbling blocks many would-be poly folk run into, is the desire to compare. In our case, the question that cropped up was “Is she better at oral, than me?” Cue the panic! As a man, with two women looking at you, with that question ringing in the air, a bit of panic is to be expected.
Fortunately an analogy sprang to mind.  “It’s not that either of you are better…  You can’t really compare apple pie and ice cream.  Both are wonderful by themselves, but neither is a replacement for the other. And of course, together, they go wonderfully!”
And so, smiling smugly, a man thinks he’s dodged that particular bullet… Until the disagreement begins, about who’s the ice cream, and who’s the apple pie.

So, we live, we learn, and we grow… Who’s ready for dessert?