I am the Ice Cream.

ImageI am the elusive ice cream.

I am the third peg in this triad.

I am the more elusive one. Writing and I don’t always get along. Writer’s block has been hitting me hard due to all the chaos going on around me.

Most that care and know me; know me as Aamrie or EOA.

I guess I should start with alittle history about me. I am 43 years old with a grown son.  I was in a relationship with a guy for twelve years. We are still somewhat friends but there are still trust issues there. Continue reading


Why are We Poly?

We are poly, not because we want to sleep around with every one, but because we want to make emotional connections.

Being married to a bisexual woman, I am comfortable with the idea that there are needs she has, that I can’t meet for her.  Some men would be threatened by this situation. Her first husband certainly was. Her sexual needs were closeted then, both figuratively and literally. But, that’s a story for her to tell, when the time is right. Continue reading